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Meetup Event

All Events Have a Personality

There are four essential event archetypes. Find out what your event archetype is.
Event Archetype Infographic-07.png

A nurturing environment that is peaceful and filled with empathy. An abundance of spirtuality complimented by a feeling of warmth, softness and comfort.

Event Archetype Infographic-08.png

A very structured environment that has the allusion of lack of structure. The event is highly organized, utilizes analytics and data, and embraces cool tech.

Event Archetype Infographic-09.png

Classic events are well planned and well executed. Nothing is left to chance. The look and feel is a continuous compliment of the event's brand, and every detail is scrutinized.

Event Archetype Infographic-11.png

High energy with unexpected moments throughout the event. There is a casualness that makes it feel relatable, edgy and spontaneous.

Find Out What Your Event Archtype is Below

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