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Top Tier Clients  (Best Clients)

Established Corporations and Entrepreneurs

What do the Corporations We Want to Serve Have in Common?

  1. Some are solid Utah companies. While I may not always agree with how they carry out their vision; ultimately, I believe that they are working for the good of Utah with a desire to do good in the community. (LHMiller Group, WCF, Porcupine Pub Group, Beans & Brews)

  2. The other companies have not been in business as long as the previous list, but they are growing. They also have a strong desire to serve the community and to help other companies and entrepreneurs grow and thrive. (Trannont, Utah Mentor Association, Utah Mentor Association)

What do the Entrepreneurs We Want to Serve Have in Common?

  • Successfully run their business(es) for at least 10 years

  • Mentor new entrepreneurs

  • Promote and assist other entrepreneurs

  • Give back to the community beyond their assistance with entrepreneurs and other small business

  • They have the ability to see greater potential in others

  • Acknowledge their personal limitations and go to other experts for help

  • Seek mentors who will help them reach their full potential

What Problem Will We Solve for our Top Tier Clients?


Top Tier – Large Clients

  • Large tier corporations have processes that have made them great.  But efficient processes haven’t always carried over to their events. When corporations consider events, these tend to be annual parties and employee recognition award ceremonies.  Many corporations bring top speakers and innovators to help train and inspire their employees.  Top tier speakers may have an event manager, but not always; this is the gap that C.Zeller Events will fill.  Details get missed when speakers visit corporations. I will ensure that the location is equipped with the speaker’s A/V requirements. If there are deficiencies in the location, I will work with both the corporation and the speaker to source a location that’s amenable to learning and by enabling the speaker to deliver training that will inspire the corporation’s employees.

  • Since I work with vendors who have been vetted, the corporation and speaker can be assured that their event will be handled professionally and smoothly.

  • As corporations and I collaborate on more events, our partnership will run even more smoothly than if they were doing all of the work without my help.

Top Tier – Midsized Clients

  •  Corporations of this size don’t usually have a dedicated events coordinator for speaking events.  It’s usually an administrative assistant or other trusted and valuable employee.  These employees have been given a daunting task.  The expectation of the person who has given the assignment is that the newly appointed event coordinator will perform exceptionally while also completing day to day tasks. And all of this will be done without regard to added overtime paid by the employer, and taking away from the assistant’s personal time.

    • When employees are doing double duty, their work life balance is disrupted.  Doing more with less means hiring additional help on an as needed basis.  This is where C.Zeller Events can help growing companies efficiently utilize their resources, mitigate employee burnout, avoiding additional expense of a full-time employee, and building morale within a growing company. All of this can be accomplished by hiring C.Zeller Events.

Review & Follow-up

  • Regardless of the size of the corporation, there will be a post mortem for each event.  This will give the client and the team at C.Zeller Events an opportunity to identify the best of the event and areas where improvements can be made.  It will also spur new ideas and processes for future events.  While each corporation is different, the final result is the same – a successful, well organized event.  The post mortem will help ensure stronger collaboration for future events.

On-site Presence

  • A representative from C.Zeller Events will be present and on-site during the entire event.  This will give the client ease of mind knowing that there is a point person to handle any problems or logistical concerns that may come up. This also helps the C.Zeller Events team with transparency during the post mortem.

Additional Offerings – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  • The team at C.Zeller Events is adept at stepping in to help with additional administrative responsibilities as needed.  Services utilized have been: procurement and construction of corporate gifts, construction and delivery of gift baskets, professional gift wrapping, personal shopping and assistance with tedious chores that make you sweat the small stuff.

    • Services have also been lovingly called, “wife for hire”.

Second Tier Clients (Good Clients)

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What do the Second Tier Clients We Want to Serve Have in Common?

  • Startups are great, but cash flow can be problematic. 

  • New to speaking and selling from stage – the process of helping them become more dynamic will take more time that with experienced speakers. 

  • More time spent with these speakers doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be able to charge more for my services.

  • Even though they want to show their personality, there are times when a polished image is needed rather than the look of a rugged individualist.

    • C.Zeller Events will analyze the make-up of the event and attendees. The event could be open to a rugged individualist rather than a buttoned-up speaker.  Communication about the type of event will be delivered to client prior to making a mistake onsite with look and/or manner.

  • Most new entrepreneurs and speakers don’t know what they don’t know. It’s the responsibility of C.Zeller Events to help the speaker see the potential and possible problems that could come up. 

    • This is especially important when entrepreneurs are starting the process of speak from stage.  They may have a mentor to help them, but the actual process of an event from start to finish may not have been fully understood by the entrepreneur.

What Problems Will We Solve for Second Tier Clients?


  • When entrepreneurs begin to sell from the stage and deliver their messages and dreams, they are very excited to get on a stage – any stage.  The team at C.Zeller Events will identify some of the pitfalls that entrepreneurs can experience and help them avoid potential problems.

  • Speakers sometimes forget about little details that can negatively affect their sales.  C.Zeller Events will warn the entrepreneur about the items in their speaker’s contract that will cause them to lose revenue.

Poor Timing

  • Speakers should have presentations that are different length (i.e., 90minutes, one hour, 45 minutes, etc.) within each time frame, the speaker needs to be able to make a strong call to action.  C.Zeller events will assist speakers with the timing of their presentations and help iron out rough spots.

  • PowerPoint Presentations – not all speakers use power point presentations; however, those who need to know how to make them visually appealing, clean and concise.  Clutter needs to be cut out.  C.Zeller Events will assist the speaker design a template that reflects their personal brand.

    • This topic falls within poor timing because inefficient PowerPoint presentations can be a presenter’s personal undoing. Clean PowerPoint presentations reduces inefficiencies in order to improve the entrepreneur’s opportunity to sale from the stage.

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